Pláštěnka TRENT metalická - modrá

Kód výrobku: 1090bl2
Varianta unisex
Počasí letní, zimní
Materiál polyamid
Dostupnost: Na skladě
1 289 Kč
Cena bez DPH: 1 065 Kč

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XS : Na objednání do 15 pracovních dnů
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M : Na objednání do 15 pracovních dnů
L : 2 ks
XL : 2 ks
XXL : 1 ks
XXXL : Na objednání do 15 pracovních dnů
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Zip-up raincoat TRENT is water and also wind resistant. Distinct reflective features at the back are for higher safety. The jacket is further equipped with a waterproof zip in the front with caps on both ends, fleece underlaid neck area and underarms made of mesh material for ventilation. Elastic wristbands and waistband. The stand up collar serves as a pocket for the hood to be quickly pulled out when needed. Raincoat comes with a practical resealable pack for you to take with when the weather is unstable. Thanks to its small size it can be also put into a cycling jersey pocket at the back. This raincoat is in slim cut and therefore suitable for more sporty types. For hobby sportsmen we recommend raincoat RAIN with loose cut. 

Made in the Czech Republic. Extended 3-year warranty.


This sportswear is ideal for cycling, in-line skating, running and leisure time. 

POLYAMIDE material

Lightweight breathable material of knitwear type with polyurethane coating that provides water resistance, whilst maintaining breathability.Composition: 64% polyurethane, 36% polyamide. Weight: 70g/m2